Would you spend $600000 on a picture of a rock? Justin Sun did!

By Madhu Veechika

Tech Entrepreneur and Founder of Cryptocurrency TRON, Justin Sun spent half a million dollars on a rock. While EtherRock cannot be petted or touched, this digital asset is trending across the world ranging from a hundred thousand dollars to two billion and Sun just spent 187 Ethereum ($ 611710) on it. 

Sun was an avid fan of the NFT Fund. He recently started his own JUST NFT Fund to bring artists into the blockchain. NFT or the Non Fungible Token are digital assets that can be transferred to buy virtual items. The past few weeks have witnessed the rise of interest in buying these rocks. While the news of the rock is exciting to many, some of them are concerned that there is a little too much money sloshing around the world to invest in pictures online. 

When the Netizens are in a debate on the essence of buying the rock, the website of EtherRock suggests that the rocks serve “NO PURPOSE” beyond being able to be bought and sold and giving you the only sense of pride that you are one of the owners of the only 100 EtherRocks available.

What else can this hint? Can the Digital Currency settle to be the new marketplace of the world?

In case, if you’d like to see the picture of the picture of the rock that’s just been bought, here:

What are your thoughts on this?