Worlds’s top 10 highest paid athletes list

Currently the best batsman in the Indian Cricket team for One Day Cricket, Virat Kohli is known as the chase master and tops the ICC batsmen rankings in ODI cricket, according to inuth.

And this young cricketer recently soared to the ninth position of the highest paid athletes on social media platforms with Cristiano Ronaldo topping the list as per an Instagram scheduling tool.

Now according to the Instagram rich list, Virat Kohli can charge anything between USD 120,000 (Rs. 82 lakh approx.) to sponsor one single post with his 23 million followers on Instagram.

And the athlete to top the list, Cristiano Ronaldo can demand anything between USD 750,000 for one single post with a fan following of 136 million followers.

Now here are the few names as per their fan-base:

Rank 1: Cristiano Ronaldo – 136m followers

Rank 2: Neymar Jr – 100m followers

Rank 3: Lionel Messi – 97.3m followers

Rank 4: David Beckham – 49.7m followers

Rank 5: Gareth Bale – 35.4m followers

Rank 6: Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 34.5m followers

Rank 7: Luis Suarez – 29.2m followers

Rank 8: Conor McGregor – 24.5m followers

Rank 9: Virat Kohli — 23m followers

Rank 10: Stephen Curry – 21.3m followers

Well, our Virat has surely achieved loads of success in such a short span of time has now made it to the list of world’s top ten highest paid athletes.

With his net earnings of USD 24 million (Rs 1,60,90,80,000), Kohli has also secured his place as 83rd in the recently released list by Forbes in June 2018.