World’s largest snake from Los Angeles is now in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: One of the largest living reptiles in the world has a new home and is housed in Abu Dhabi. Super Snake from Los Angeles is now at the National Aquarium (TNA) at Al Qana in Abu Dhabi.

The snake is 14 years old, weighs 115 kilograms, and eats duck and rabbit as part of his diet. She has been accustomed to human contact as a private specimen for 14 years.

It is believed to be the largest living snake in the world. It’s a seven-metre reticulated python, and when measured, needs 12 people to hold it at full length.

The snake will live with more than 8,000 rainforest creatures in the flooded forest zone in the aquarium. Visitors will soon be able to meet the snake at The National Aquarium (TNA).

“While Super Snake is a captive-bred animal, we as its caregivers must continue to be vigilant and careful around it. We can not wait for the public to meet her and enjoy her slightly quirky personality. We’re also excited about the opportunity to educate our visitors, because that’s why she’s here,” Khaleej Times quoted Maquieira, curator at TNA.