World’s heaviest man gets ready to lose weight

Mexico City: The world’s heaviest man who weighs 435 kg, will undergo surgery at a hospital in Mexico on Wednesday to reduce his weight that has confined him to bed with serious health risks.

Andres Moreno, 37, weighed 6 kg at birth and 10 years later reached 120 kg, a weight that, at age 20, began rising disproportionately from 170 kilos to 435 kilos, EFE news reported on Tuesday.

Moreno will undergo a duodenal switch with biliopancreatic diversion, a procedure known to produce the best result in patients with extreme obesity, at the Mexico Gastric Bypass unit in the Arboledas Hospital.

“I start a journey that must carry me to a new phase of life, a new chapter and I hope to a new book altogether, different and far from the prison that my own body has become,” Moreno said.

A team of seven assisted his travel from his home in Obregon city to the hospital in Guadalajara on Monday.

Five members of the Obregon City firefighters carried him on a special reinforced stretcher to fly in an Airbus A-320 to Guadalajara, where he will be directly admitted for the surgery.

The surgery will involve five medical staff and will be conducted in two phases.

The laparoscopic technique will shorten the post-surgical process much and if there are no complications, the doctors will keep him admitted for five days after the surgery.