And World’s Best food Festivals are

New York [USA]: Are you one of those who could go to any lengths to have your favorite meal?

Then, we might have some good news for you.

According to CNN, these are some of the world’s best festivals for anyone hungry to fill their empty tummies:

1) Wildfoods Festival (Hokitika, New Zealand)

The festival is held in mid-march in the quaint town of Hokitika on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island. The festival sees feasting on things they probably never thought could be cooked into a meal.

2) The Onion Market (Bern, Switzerland)

The Onion Market is regarded as the biggest folk festival on the Switzerland’s capital’s calendar. The festival officially begins at 6 a.m, but the people start to feel the smell of soup even before that, when the first onion soups starts to boil.

3) Salon de Chocolate (Quito, Ecuador)

This is not the only chocolate festival in the world, but it is regarded as one of the very best.

It should be noted that, Ecuador produces more high-quality chocolate than any other country. The festival starts in mid-June and it also has the chocolate sculpture competition, which is everyone’s favourite.

4) Blue Food Festival (Bloody Bay, Tobago)

It has been 18 years that this festival has started in the coastal village of Bloody Bay, on the Caribbean island of Tobago.

The festival focuses on the dishes made of ‘Dasheen’ which is a root plant of the taro variety and the festival gets its name from the dasheen itself.

There is live music, limbo dancing and rum stalls which makes the festival even more happening.

5) Pizzafest (Naples, Italy)

Pizzafest is a dream come true for every Pizza lover, when Napoli’s Lungomare Caracciolo area becomes a pizza village with 500,000 visitors who consume more than 100,000 pizzas of every kind.

The pizzerias in Naples serve the 50+ historic versions with classics Napolitana, Margherita and Marinara.

The main attraction of the festival is World Pizza-Making Championships.

Pack your bags food lovers, these mouth-watering festivals are waiting for you. (ANI)