World T20 Director satisfied with arrangements at Dharamsala

Dharamsala :World T20 Tournament Director M V Sridhar today gave a thumbs up to the secutity and other arrangements in place for the matches to be held here including the marquee India-Pakistan clash on March 19.

“The Police in Dharamsala is so far handling the security for world cup teams excellently,” said Sridhar here.

Sridhar monitored the arrangements here today and will be moving to Mohali to visit that centre tomorrow.

“I was travelling with the Hongkong team in the same plane and after landing at the Dharamsala airport I kept on following the bus of the team up to the hotel, and found the police control more than excellent.”

Sridhar said that he was not recognized by the staff of HPCA in the airport, that’s why he was able to see the arrangements of the state police from a distance as a general citizen.

He further said, “and when I was going to enter the stadium , the police kept me away,(as no identification ICC card was with me), till I was cleared by the security staff after consultation with HPCA staff.”

He said, I can easily see the energy being forced in to make the show a success.

While talking about ongoing political tussle over the Indo-Pak high voltage match to be played here with the Himachal government expressing its inability to provided security to teams, Sridhar said: “I know the anguish is there, but sport is the only way where people could come together”.

“I appeal everyone, Dharamsaala has got one of the most important matches. Also see the arrangements already done and just singling out a match out of ten it might not be fare to raise voice against it. Please let this match to be played.