World needs to fight terrorism collectively: M J Akbar

New Delhi: Minister of State for External Affairs M J Akbar has said that terrorism is the greatest challenge faced by the world as of now and it needs to be fought unitedly without a “compromise”.

“The recognition that the initiative once again by our Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) that if prosperity is not possible without peace, which indeed it is not, then who is the most powerful contemporary, where is the most powerful contemporary challenge to peace is coming from,” he questioned during his speech at an event here recently.

“It is coming from terrorism and therefore you have to fight terrorism without ifs, without buts and this may be useful for our European friends to carry back home, there are no ifs and no buts in the conflict with this (terrorism),” the minister said at the ‘Changing Asia-2017’ conference.

Referring to a resolution adopted by the leaders of the five-nation BRICS bloc (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) at the Summit in China’s Xiamen, Akbar said, “You have suffered from isms before, terrorism is the most dangerous ism of the 21st century and therefore the BRICS resolution.”

For the first time, Pakistan-based terror groups like the LeT and the JeM were named in the BRICS Summit declaration that also asserted that those responsible for committing, organising or supporting terror acts must be held accountable.

Akbar also said that a clear message is being sent by the US in fighting terrorism and “this message…will resonate through this century. It will not change friendships, it will not change strategic relations but hopefully it will change behaviour patterns”.

“Once again I am telling you the practical application, the BRICS resolution on terrorism eliminates now the ifs and buts and BRICS recognizes that you must now say it the age of fudge is also over,” Akbar said.

“And exactly around the same time even America which has invested so much American blood and treasure into the conflicts of Afghanistan has sent a very clear message that there is no compromise possible on terror and nations who are the equivalents of have no place,” he added.