World Friendship Day: A day in almanac or a true celebration?

New Delhi: While people say that friendship is a ship that never sinks maybe because it is a feeling, a mutual bond, but then have you ever thought why is there a day dedicated to celebrating friendship with your buddies?

The history of World Friendship Day or the International Day of friendship dates back to 1958 and people have since then followed the trail of enjoying and dedicating the day to their bosom friends!

Over time, films, social media, and elevating career aspirations have constantly modified the term ‘friendship’ and also how once views it. While some might say that although friends stay forever, a day gives them a special way to thank or honour their connection, but for some, the day can be just like the rest.

“If a feeling needs a day, then that is merely a calculated digit in the almanac,” shared Tanay Kumar, a 28-year old poetry enthusiast from Delhi.
Further elaborating on his given statement, Tanay added an example, “In DDLJ, Simran’s mom was her best friend so Raj’s dad was for Raj. For a girl, her mom can be her best friend, so for a son, his father could be.”

“A friend’s duty is to stop her/him from something unethical and to help in need if s(he) is right, not blindly support,” he added.

Meanwhile, Shokhi Rawat, a civil service aspirant had a contrary view as she felt that the day is “a symbol of friendship.”

“For example, people celebrate birthdays, you are born on a single day but since you live everyday, that doesn’t mean that you celebrate each day,” she added.

“So, mother’s day, father’s day, friendship day gives us a kind of recognition. But there is no obligation for anyone to go out and party,” Shokhi ended saying.

While markets are flooded with friendship-themed accessories including customised bands and T-shirts, some still believe that emotions and giving time are always better than tangible things.

An MBBS student Faisal Idrees said, “Understand your friends and giving them time is the best thing.”

He added on, “I never take his feelings or emotions as an attitude rather I think that they too need some space.”

Anya Thakur, a professor at an institute in Noida believes that while friendship doesn’t need a day but the celebration does!

“To celebrate friendship, a day is needed. If we, altogether, have dedicated a day to celebrate friendship, it shows the importance,” she said.

“We all are always busy with our own stuff, own things and somewhere we forget to give time to our friends. So for celebration, we need a day and that is Friendship Day,” Anya shared.

True, that it is a feeling which stays on without any liabilities or obligations, but what’s wrong in marking a day to take on your bond a step higher.