World fraternity must end Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine territory: Arab League

Cairo: Arab League has urged the World fraternity and United Nations to play their role in ending the illegal occupation of Palestinian by Israel. As per the report of the centre for information, Palestine, Arab League in a statement issued on 42nd Earth Day, stated that Israel has continued its illegal domination of Palestine. Palestinians are carrying out fair and legal struggle for their rights. On the other hand, Israel is indiscriminately using force to suppress Palestinians.

Arab League urged the world fraternity to prevent Israel from doing retaliatory actions against Palestine and asked to bring long-term solution of Palestinian dispute in the light of international resolutions and resolutions passed by Security Council and United Nations.

The statement urged the countries believing in peace especially permanent members of the Security Council to mount pressure on Israel to stop giving mass punishments to Palestinians. It asked them to end Israeli dominion over Palestinian territory, end siege of Gaza strip, forced displacement of Palestinians and occupation on their land.