World Environment Day: All things organic at Dastkar

New Delhi: City-based non-profit organisation Dastkar is celebrating all things organic, natural and hand-made. The environment weekend from June 3 to June 5 at Gali-E-Khaas in Nature Bazaar here saw variety of environment friendly activities including all sorts of creative workshops – art and craft, gardening sessions et all.

The sessions included highlighting the importance of cultivating a garden in one’s home, while experts shared tips on how creativity can be used to benefit the environment.

‘Lazy Summers and a Creative Tench in You’ conducted by Urvashi Verma, a PhD scholar in Himalayan Medicinal plants showed “Why your brain needs a garden” and how one can “create a jungle in their home.”

In the process Sharma also brought out the “tremendous potential in kitchen to be converted into a beautiful garden,” besides giving helpful advice on how old plants can be revived.

The 3-day long celebration of nature emphasised on the need for recycling domestic waste with another workshop on sand art and painting bottles – “Recycle into Art.”

“The enhanced power of observation, awareness of the environment and the ability to create something out of nothing is the beginning of a child’s journey to be in touch with their inner self.

“The essence of windows is to help the children connect with themselves and feel a sense of oneness with the world and each other,” organisers said.

The event also gave nature lovers an opportunity to savour locally produced fresh food at the organic market and the Farmer’s Hub which offered beauty products and accessories, nutritious grains, spices, snacks and beverages and lush green plants on sale.

On June 5, nature conscious producers and makers came together to celebrate the beauty of all things organic, natural and hand-made, amidst “green demonstrations, nomadic tunes and delicious food.”

The event also invited nature enthusiasts to learn several Do-It-Yourself techniques to decorate home interiors besides weaving of herb baskets.Gardening techniques like Kokedema, soil-less and tray gardening and terrariums were also demonstrated.