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World advancement owes a debt to Islamic civilization: AK Khan

World advancement owes a debt to Islamic civilization: AK Khan

Hyderabad: It is the need of the hour to enlighten young generation with history and achievements of their Muslim ancestors, said Mr. Abdul Khayyum Khan advisor to the government for minority affairs who inaugurated the exhibition organised by Springfields Group of Schools, as part of its Silver Jubilee celebrations. A 2-day exhibition is being organised at Tolichowki branch from February 3 to 4.

Rich Heritage and legacy and contribution of Muslims to the world of inventions, innovation and lifestyle transitions are being showcased in the exhibition which aimed at engaging, inspiring and motivating young generation to strengthen the foundation laid by the Muslims which paved the way for contemporary development. Models prepared by the school children showing innovations, inventions and life style transitions from ancient world to the modern world with rare collection of artifacts, rediscovering and reliving the ancient Muslim contribution since centuries were put on display. Mrs. Anjum Babu Khan Director Springfields Group of Schools oversaw the arrangements.

Speaking further Mr. A K Khan said the impact of Islamic civilization till 16 to 17th century, even if not mentioned in the history, cannot be forgotten. He further said the advancement made by the world until 1000 years was indebted to Islamic Civilization. He congratulated the organisers of the exhibition for holding such a theme-based exhibition.

Director Mrs Anjum Babu Khan enlightened the past glory of Islam and threw light on the achievements made by Muslim scientists since 7th century till date. Former Director UNESCO Mr. Asghar Husain also addressed the gathering.

Donned in traditional clothing of Saudi Arabia, students of the school with the help of their models, explained the golden era of scientific and cultural achievements of Muslims civilization and also what Islam has contributed to the world’s civilization, education, culture and scientific development.

It must be noted that the Islamic Golden Age saw the Muslims make leaps in advancements which brought the world to a new age of discovery and technology which eventually lead to the renaissance of the West. Many of the things that we have today bear their roots in early Islamic civilization.

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