Working with Sridevi more than a dream come true: Nawazuddin

Mumbai : Nawazuddin Siddiqui, considered among the most accomplished contemporary actors, is himself an unabashed Sridevi fan.

He had to pinch himself when he was offered “Mom” with the evergreen beauty.

“When I got a chance to work with Srideviji in ‘Mom’, I couldn’t believe it. It was more than a dream come true. As an actor, I couldn’t hope for a more favourable situation. It’s my good fortune that I got to share screen space with Srideviji.

“As a viewer I would always wonder how she managed to be so perfect in every film, every character. As a co-actor, I still don’t know how she manages to be so flawless in every take,” said Nawazuddin, who flaunts a new get-up in “Mom”.

Nawaz’s adoration and adulation of the timeless actress is on another level.

“We tend to use superlatives to describe many artistes whom we like. And we often say about an actor or actress that he or she is one of the best. But with Sridevi, I can say with full confidence and certainty that she is the best actor in the world. No two ways about it.”

How and where does this certainty about Sridevi’s supremacy come from?

He says, “After getting the rare privilege and opportunity of working with her in ‘Mom’. I was always her fan. Big fan. Srideviji has always been my favourite actress. Srideviji and Bachchan saab were always my favourites. I’d sneak into a theatre close to my home to watch their films whenever I could.”