All you working ladies, here’s quick-n-healthy breakfast tip for you

New Delhi [India]: From getting your child ready for school to sorting the daily chores- mornings are super hectic for women, especially the working ones.

Hence, fitness diva Shilpa Shetty Kundra and celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija came together on a breakfast date to share tips for a better breakfast.

Emphasizing on the importance of a healthy breakfast, Shilpa said, “Most of the times when I am leaving for an early morning know when you are shooting at these back of beyond places like Malad and Madh island (in Mumbai), I get scared, I’m like Oh my god! I have got to send my son to school and I don’t think I have got time to eat my breakfast. So what I do is put muesli, two three other fresh fruits, yoghurt, coconut milk.. mix it and put it in my car and I eat in the car. So I would never think about I have not got the time to eat my breakfast and I would skip it.”

During the launch Saffola Multigrain Flakes, she further said that a healthy breakfast leads to a healthy start for the day and one should never skip it.

On this note, the flakes comprise of five grains – Oats, Barley, Rice, Wheat and Corn, that make breakfast a healthy delight. (ANI)