Workers get prominence during Congress plenary

New Delhi: The Congress plenary on Saturday saw some forthright suggestions from party workers who were given prominence during the delberations on the resolutions.

Workers, who got a chance to speak in front of party’s top leadership, expressed their gratitude to party chief Rahul Gandhi for making the event “worker-centric”.

Madhu Kundan from Kerala, who spoke on the agricultural resolution, said that party had not been able to effectively communicate its achievements during the 10 years of UPA rule.

Another Congress workers said that the party needs to strenghten its organisation at the grassroots and run an effective door-to-door campaign to match the efforts of the BJP-RSS.

Some workers pitched for more frequent visits of Rahul Gandhi to states that will witness elections this year including Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.

There was also talk about the need to curb factionalism with party members saying that nobody can defeat the Congress if there are no differences among leaders and candidates during elections.

The plenary was attended by representatives of political parties from different countries including China, Nepal, South Africa, Bangladesh and Mozambique. The plenary also saw party President Rahul Gandhi honouring freedom fighters.

Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi said that party should not focus its attack only on Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the performance of the BJP-led government but should also target ministers and ministries concerned.

He said such a strategy will be effective in discrediting the government in the eyes of the people.