Woo your date with perfect looks this V-Day

New Delhi: Having trouble figuring out your perfect look for this Valentine’s Day? Girls can opt for lighter and neutral tones for the day and go for smokey or glitter eyes for the night look, suggests an expert.

Kalpana Sharma, make-up artist of brand The Body Shop, has shared tips:

* Day Date: Fresh and dewy is the way to go this year for a day out or brunch date. Keeping it simple and as fresh as possible, is the key here. Using lighter and neutral tones helps add to natural beauty.

See how you can achieve an easy day wear look:

Eyes: Lash the eyes mildly, not over-dramatically. It’s best to keep the twinkle of your eye intact instead of overshadowing it with dark or shiny eye shadows. Glitter is a big no-no. A sharp lining of eyeliner highlights the lids. You may choose from black or brown coloured eyeliners. Opt for less or no kohl.

Lips: Soft colours are best for day time. Soft pinks, peaches and corals are the most common choices. Try a lip scrub before applying any lip colour for a smooth finish.

Cheeks: The last but the cutest touch — just a hint of peach or pink blush will brighten your face.

* Night Date: Glam it up for the night. Be it for a party or a quiet sit-down candlelit dinner, nights are all about dressing up to impress.

* Eyes: Opt for smokey eyes or glitter lids. Lashes with heavy mascara look beautiful. Perfectly winged eyeliner adds to the drama.

* Lips: For bright lips, shades of berry reds are trending the most. If you are not a person who likes red, you can also choose from hot or dark pink lip colours. Matte is the way to go with all shades this season.

* Don’t go overboard. Try to keep either the eyes heavy or the lips.

* Use some bronzer over the blush, to highlight the cheekbones.