Won’t keep quiet if women’s gold is touched: CM

In what is called a sensational remarks of sorts, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today said he would launch another movement against the Centre if it attempted to seize or touch the gold from women in the wake of measures against black money post-demonetization.

Giving his reply in the Legislative Council after a debate on the demonetization impact, the Chief Minister said the Centre should seize black money in the form of gold biscuits and others. He said the Centre should take stringent measures against foreign currency, benami assets, gold and other assets as part of seizure of black money and steps to punish the corrupts. However, KCR said, he would not keep quiet if the Centre attempts to take away gold or ornaments from women. If the Centre tries to snatch gold from our women in the State, another movement will be launched, he warned.

KCR informed that he gave an affidavit about the gold he possessed in 1985 and now I have three gold rings and a chain while my spouse Shobha has about 50 to 60 tolas of gold and there were some silver objects in puja room in the house, he said. Hoping that the banking system will be strengthened through steps against black money, corruption, he said, “we are not accustomed to give cheques to buy fruits, fish and vegetables as we widely use hard cash”. However, he maintained cool that the Centre will not do so as he apprised Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the gold that comes hereditarily to daughters, who used to share the gold of their mother as per the traditions.

“I have informed Modi about the types of gold and ornaments the women wear”, he said. Stating that he would not blindly support or oppose the demonetization as it has become mandatory across the nation, KCR said Modi has taken a brave and unprecedented decision. No Prime Minister had ever dared to take such a decision and we should support Modi for seeking 50 days to settle the problem. Though then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh contemplated to take a similar step, he abstained from doing so for the reasons best known to him, he observed. (NSS)