Won’t accept any proposal for Telangana with riders: TRS

Hyderabad, October 31: TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao on Friday said any proposal to

grant statehood to Telangana with riders or conditions would not be acceptable to his party.

“Telangana minus Hyderabad is like a body without a head. We want Telangana state with the

same geographic boundaries that existed when it was merged for formation of united Andhra

Pradesh in 1956. Anything else would not be acceptable to Telangana people,” he said here.

“We are not ready to compromise even on an inch of land. We will be ready for any

sacrifices,” he said.

The TRS president was referring to media reports that the Sri Krishna committee would

suggest four or five solutions to resolve the Telangana issue, including making Hyderabad a

Union Territory.

The Sri Krishna committee is scheduled to submit its report to the Centre by the end of this


TRS leaders have asserted on several occasions that the idea to make Hyderabad a Union

Territory would not be acceptable to them.