Women Was Given Triple Talaq Over Burnt Roti : UP

In a shocking incident, a woman has complained to the police that she was given triple talaq and forced to leave her husband’s house because the roti she had prepared got burnt.

The incident had happened in Pahretha village of Mahoba district and it came to light after the 24-year-old woman registered a complaint with the police yesterday, ASP Banshraj Yadav said.

Three days before ‘divorcing’ her by way of triple talaq, the woman alleged that her husband had inflicted burns on her with cigarettes. They got married last year. On the basis of her complaint, a case of domestic violence will be registered the husband, he said.

The woman also alleged that her husband had inflicted burn injuries on her with cigarettes three days before ‘divorcing’ her by way of triple talaq, the police said.
The Supreme Court had on August 22 last year struck down triple talaq, calling the practice unconstitutional and in violation of Article 14 of the Constitution, which provides for equality before the law.

‘Talaq-e-biddat’, stands out because of its instantaneous and absolute irrevocability Once pronounced by the husband in the form of “I divorce you” or “talaq, talaq, talaq” (triple talaq), the divorce becomes instantaneously effective, and cannot be revoked.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has clearly said to refrain from Talaq-e-biddat and asked Muslims to boycott those who give Talaq-e-biddat to their spouse. The other two types of Talaq are, Talaq-e-Ahsan: The husband gives talaq to wife (in a single sentence) in the state of purity (tuhr) and waits for a period of iddat. This type of talaq is revocable during the period of iddat. After iddat, it becomes irrevocable; Talaq-e-Hassan: There must be 3 successive pronouncements of talaq, BUT three pronouncements are to be made in 3 successive tuhrs or consecutive intervals of 30 days.