Women-only two-wheeler taxi service launched by Bikxie

New Delhi: Two-wheeler taxi service provider, Bikxie launched its women-only service, Bikxie Pink in Gurgaon to offer first-of-its-kind taxi service in India where women drivers will fleet scooty’s.

Driven only by women drivers, the service further bolsters Bikxie’s position as the only two-wheeler taxi service dedicated completely to the safety aspect with a special focus on the security and comfort of its women passengers.

Bikxie Pink was conceptualized as an internal research that revealed that while male passengers would opt for a fast and reliable two-wheeler taxi with enthusiasm, female passengers would be reluctant on account of safety concerns and apprehension of riding behind male drivers.

Bikxie Pink was officially inaugurated by Indian academic, writer and women’s rights activist, Professor Madhu Purnima Kishwar stated, “Women, today, are highly aspirational and independent. However, due to issues relating to safety in public places and paucity of safe mode of travel, they are often thwarted in achieving their full potential.”

“Bikxie has done us all a great favor by launching a swift, safe and completely stress-free solution to the last mile connectivity problem for women. With Bikxie Pink, women can enjoy an efficient and affordable two-wheeler taxi service without worrying about their personal safety,” added Madhu.

Mohit Sharma, Co-Founder and Chief Executive officer, Bikxie said, “At Bikxie, we are driven by a single-minded focus on making last mile connectivity absolutely seamless and safe for everyone. Bikxie Pink has been launched as a move in the same direction. We understand that our women passengers may not always be comfortable riding pillion to a male driver.” (ANI)