Women superior to men, says Naam Shabana actor Anupam Kher

Mumbai:Actor Anupam Kher, whose latest Bollywood release Naam Shabana features a woman as the protagonist, says he has always considered women superior to men.

“I always feel that women are superior to men. Anybody who can give birth to life has to be superior,” Anupam said here on Thursday.

“My mother is a great lady and there are strong women in the society. It is important in each country, including India, to give equal opportunities to women.

It should be a very natural process and we should not work hard, very hard for it. Being a known face, it is very important for me to talk about such issues,” he said.

Anupam spoke on the sidelines of a special screening of Poorna — another movie highlighting the grit and determination of a girl.

Rahul Bose directed Poorna is a biopic on the life of Poorna Malavath, a young tribal girl from Telangana who became the youngest girl in history to climb the Mount Everest. Praising Rahul for making such a film, Anupam said: “Rahul is a socially aware person.

He is always associated with a film which presents some important causes and issues. He is also associated with numerous causes. Every film is about storytelling and how engaging you could make it. I am happy for him that his film is creating buzz among the people.”

Recently, Anupam Kher was listed as one of the most influential authors by the website Richtopia. The actor is placed 12th for his book ‘The Best Thing About You Is You’.

The website which noted Anupam Kher as an Actor/Teacher/Author/Motivational Speaker/UN_Women Champion of Gender Equality @HeForShe movement took to Twitter to congratulate him.