Women should unite, fight for their rights: Priyanka Gandhi

Firozabad: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said on Wednesday that if women become aware of their rights and unite, the day is not far when they would have a sizeable presence in the Parliament.

Speaking at a ‘Shakti Samvad’ programme here, Priyanka said that leaders know that they would get votes in the name of caste, and hence they do not bother about fulfilling their promises.

The Congress leader said that after she launched the campaign for women, other political parties have begun recognising the power of female voters.

“The time has come to elect a party that does not talk about caste and wants to empower you. If you unite and vote on issues, leaders will also stop taking you for granted,” she said.

Priyanka said that the government is increasingly opting for privatisation, which means that the benefits of reservation will slowly dry up.

“The government is working for the benefit of its rich friends, while the poor are suffering. Farmers and women are suffering because prices are rising,” she said.

The Congress leader further said that if women vote for Congress, they will be voting for their empowerment.

Earlier, Priyanka had visited the home of a woman who makes bangles. She chatted with the women there and had tea with them.