Women served more aces per game than men during Wimbledon

Women tennis players served up more aces per game than their men counterparts during this year’s Wimbledon, raising the question about which gender made the better players once again.

According to tennisworldusa.org, using performances of some of the world’s top players during Wimbledon, it was found that women served 0.3 aces per game while men served 0.296.

However, the men were the clear winners in the double faults department, making just 0.072 per game while women made 0.259 per game.

The women were the winners once again in the first serves department with 2.166 per game while men had only 1.832.

A lot of debate has been held over whether women should get the same pay as men in major tennis tournaments across the world.

The famous ‘Battle of the Sexes’ match between great Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs was just the start of this gender clash. (ANI)