Women can perform Haj without ‘Mahram’ – Muslim organizations object Modi’s plan

Hyderabad: After PM Modi made an announcement of allowing the Muslim women to perform Haj without a ‘Mahram‘ or a male guardian, many Muslim organizations condemned the plan.

According to the report published in TOI, Jamia Nizamia also opposed it. The organization said that the decision of PM Modi is against the Shariyat.

Explaining the reason to oppose the decision, Mr. Obedullah of Jamia Nizamia said that as per Shariyat, a woman cannot perform Haj without Mahram.

Talking about this decision, Anwar Ahmed, a professor from Jamia Nizamia said that instead of concentrating on such issues, the government should introduce schemes to help Muslim women. Will the government take care of women, if they go without mahram, he questioned.

Khalid Saif Ullah Rehmani, Secretary of All India Muslim Personal Law Board said that the woman will be safe and secure if she goes along with Mahram.

It may be mentioned that PM Modi on Sunday, said that the practice of Muslim women being barred from visiting Haj without a ‘Mahram’ has been abolished. He further suggested that single women pilgrims be excluded from the lottery system implemented to select Haj pilgrims.