Women have been bending over backward to move forward: Twinkle Khanna

New Delhi: Producer, author, entrepreneur and former actress Twinkle Khanna, who received the FLO (FICCI Ladies Organisation) Icon Award for Excellence in Conscientious Cinema here on Thursday, says that in order to move forward in life, women have been bending over backward.

Twinkle, who has authored the books “Mrs Funnybones” and “The Legend of Lakshmi”, was honoured for her endeavour to raise awareness of menstrual hygiene as co-producer of the film “Pad Man”, which aimed at dispelling taboos around menstruation.

President Ram Nath Kovind was the guest of honour at the event at Vigyan Bhawan and Khanna was among 10 women achievers lauded at the 34th annual FICCI Women’s Group FLO Awards.

On the adjustments that women make in their family life, Khanna said: “The problem is that women have been bending over backward in order to move forward. We are constantly doing that and it is time that we stop. Look at what has been happening in all our lives.

“Whether we are working women or stay-at-home women, child-raising seems to be only a woman’s job. We spend 10 years of our lives running to the school, sending their lunch boxes, dressing them as dracula, Hanuman… Why should it be just a woman’s job? Where are the men? Unless they are off fighting wars, they better be there.”

Known for being blunt and taking digs over socio-political issues of the country, does she ever face pressure in times of super-active social media?

“It is not just social media. In the times that we live in, there is pressure from everywhere. Sometimes I do feel that ‘Oh my God, am I on the right path?’ But my mother has always told me that ‘the reason I sprain my legs is not because of weak ligaments, but because I tend to put my foot in my mouth a lot’.

“But then all my troubles have led me till here, isn’t it?” quipped Khanna, the daughter of veteran actress Dimple Kapadia and late superstar Rajesh Khanna.