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“Why are women going through this” says Alia Bhatt on Malayalam actress molestation case

“Why are women going through this” says Alia Bhatt on Malayalam actress molestation case

Molestation which was happened recently, Malayalam actress was kidnapped and assaulted sexually by a gang of seven men in her car.

According to India.com, a gruesome incident has surprised to the Malayalam film industry and the entire world.

The actress got support from whole Kollywood and expressed their anger and even the Bollywood actors had supported her and shown concern about the issue and women safety in general too

Alia Bhatt, the Badrinath Ki Dulhania star in an interview with the Hindustan Times says that “We always have our security apparatus around us. Whenever I am going to work, I always have somebody with me. But it’s very scary. It could be anybody.”

She adds further, “Honestly, I don’t want to talk much about it so I don’t bring more attention to the issue — anyone who is in that space wouldn’t want that right now. As a girl, I take a huge offence to it. It’s a very sad thing. I have a very simple question: Why are women going through this? We shouldn’t. The year itself started on a bad note with the Bangalore molestation case.”

When she was asked about the solution she replied, “Education — about ethics, society and sex — is the only way we can impart knowledge to this country and to the people who don’t understand what they are doing or are criminal in their behaviour. It’s the only way we can make sure that this country is a safe place for women to live in. The rate at which it (crime against women) is going up is scary. We are so cultured in our behaviour with everyone, that it [such behaviour] comes as a shocker. Why are we like this with women? I don’t understand it; it’s beyond me.”