What women expect from Union Budget 2018

Nagpur (Maharashtra): As the announcement of the Union Budget 2018 is just around the corner, women are expecting more funds to be allocated for the women security.

Keeping in view the considerable increase in the number of crime against women, a housewife from Nagpur said that it is important for the government to become more sensitive towards women protection.

“In the previous budget, the government announced the Nirbhaya funds for the safety of the women, but still the situation remains unchanged. This happened maybe because the funds were not properly utilized or due to lack of proper planning, I expect the government to allocate more funds this time in the upcoming budget,” she told ANI.

Another housewife Shagufta Kazi pitched for removing Goods and Service Tax (GST) imposed on sanitary napkins so that every women could afford it.

“The government is promoting cleanliness, women hygiene also important and for that tax levied on sanitary pads should be removed,” Kazi told ANI.

On the other hand, Rima Chadha a resident of Nagpur expects some tax rebate and increase in the number of job opportunity for women in all the sectors.

“Women should be given some tax rebate and more job opportunity should be created for them. Women are responsible for the expenses of the household. If they want to impose tax, they can do it on luxury items, not on daily items,” she said. (ANI)