Women deliver baby on NDRF boat during flood rescue in Bihar

Patna: A 28-year-old women delivered the baby on the NDRF boat. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) who were working round-the-clock to help flood victims at a village in Vaishali district, around 65 km from Patna heard the cries of a woman, Saroj Patel and set off with the woman on a boat.

Saroj Patel became nervous and gave birth to a baby boy on the way before reaching o the hospital. The hospital had been alerted, so a contingent of health staff was ready with an ambulance.

The new-born and the mother were taken to Mahnar primary health centre for proper medicare.

Her father-in-law named the newly born Krishna. “We have heard the story of Krishna’s birth numerous times. It seems a Krishna is now born in my family too,” he told the NDRF personnel.

A similar birth was reported in Patna, where disaster personnel helped deliver a baby girl. Earlier this week, a woman in Uttar Pradesh gave birth to a baby on a rescue boat.

The Bihta-based NDRF Commandant said the force personnel get training in child birth to help people in need. Large parts of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are flooded because of heavy rain.