Women are backbone of India, says Sachin

Kolkata: Underlining the need for women empowerment in the country, former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar on Sunday said they are the backbone of India.

“As far as women power is concerned, I think they are the backbone of India. I still remember as a child when I would come back home, I would expect my mother to do everything for me.

“Yet we took all those things for granted. For women, to be able to take care of their house and also do their job is incredible,” Tendulkar said in his address at the Kolkata Police Sports 2017-18 at Alipore Bodyguard Lines.

“We always felt secure coming to Kolkata and playing cricket here. I have got some amazing memories, all those things were possible because you (Kolkata Police) took care of the crowd and made us feel secure.

“…we feel safe and secure when you are around. You guys are the real all-rounders because you do your job, and also play cricket and other sports,” the 44-year-old cricketer said.

Tendulkar said sports teaches things that classroom lessons don’t.

“When one talks about sports, I have been a firm believer that sports teach you lot many things which you cannot learn in a boardroom or a classroom.

“Over the past 24-plus years that I have played cricket, it taught me a lot. Not always did I win, there were occasions when I lost… Cricket taught me to get back on my feet again and compete in the fairest possible manner.

“So here I would expect all of you to compete hard but to compete fair. It is a special feeling when you see women power there. I want to wish you all the very best,” he said.

Tendulkar was sharing the stage with legendary footballer P.K. Banerjee.

“It’s truly an honour for me. He’s someone who has inspired many generations to take up sport and do something special. If we had not had such heroes, things would not have been the same.”