Women abandoned by NRI husbands seek justice

New Delhi: The government which is making legislation for divorced Muslim women of the country has no idea that thousands of women in the country, who have been abandoned by their NRI husbands months or years after they are married, are fighting for their rights. These women are Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and women belonging to other religions.

Soch foundation, a social organisation, working for women and revealed the problems confronted by these women before media persons at Press Club of India. The organisation revealed that the NRIs working in foreign countries marry Indian girls but later it is revealed that they are already married and have children. They either divorce their Indian wives or drive them out of their homes. These women are abused or forced to live in shelter homes.

A social worker from Punjab revealed that nearly 270000 women are facing betrayal by their husbands. They are troubled by all means and terrorized so that they leave their husbands by themselves. Soch Foundation has decided to put the matter before the home minister and foreign minister and seek justice for the suffering women.