UP: Woman’s paramour brutally murders teenage son

Ghaziabad: A woman’s paramour was arrested on Thursday for brutally slitting his girlfriend’s son and allegedly killing him.

The incident was reported from UP where the accused a 30-year-old man identified as Subhash Kumar abducted the teenager son aged around 14 years and brutally hacked him to death.

The boy’s throat was slit when his dead body was found in a sugar cane field in Muradnagar on June 29.

According to initial police reports, Subhash, LPG agency supervisor in Ghaziabad and also a married man with three children was staying at the deceased’s house as a tenant.

The accused developed an illicit relationship with the boy’s mother during his stay.

Since the boy caught the accused and his mother red handed in a room in June 26, the accused decided to kill the boy in order to silence him forever.

“The boy’s father goes to Delhi for work every day. On June 26, the boy’s mother was in Kumar’s room. Her son had returned home by then after playing cricket. He saw both of them through the window. Although the glass was tinted, both suspected that the boy saw them together,” police official said.

The boy’s family had initially suspected a petty fight over cricket play with the neighborhood kids could have infuriated the boy on June 28 said SSP Vaibhav Krishna.

However, during the probe into the incident, the police found that the neighborhood boys aged seven to 13 years had no role in the killing and the brutality of the murder indicated it was a crime committed by some adult.

The Police scanned CCTV footages from the boy’s locality – Modi Nagar (boy’s locality) to Murad Nagar where the boy was last seen with Kumar riding a scooter.

“Kumar had offered to purchase kites for the boy. In another CCTV footage, Kumar is seen near the Ganga Canal and taking a turn towards Jalalabad. He’s seen carrying a jute bag and a knife. The boy was taken to an isolated sugarcane field. Kumar first strangulated the boy and then slit his throat,” the SSP added.

The Police said the mother had no clue of Kumar’s crime and the boy’s father had no knowledge about his wife’s affair.

The Police has booked Kumar under various sections of kidnapping and murder at Modi Nagar police station.
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