A woman’s body is not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship: Big B

Mumbai: For Independence Day, megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who campaigns for various social causes, has expressed hope that India be free of the evil of rape.

“A woman’s body is not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship, and its about time the dictator took charge,” read the message.

“Independence Day 15th August pledge… May India be independent from rape… Bharat aazad ho rape se,” tweeted the 73-year-old, who even shared the poster of his upcoming thriller “Pink”.

The movie stars three women, and its trailer hints that they deal with a case involving sexual assault.

The actor also re-tweeted a message by writer-comedian Radhika Vaz, and asked his followers to always remember it by captioning the message as “Say it again…”