Woman in UAE held for stealing Dh11 million from workplace, spends on ‘fiancé’

Abu Dhabi: A 33-year-old woman has been arrested for stealing Dh11 million from a government organisation, where she was working as the head of the accounts department.


The woman used to spend the cash on a man who was seven years younger than her and had promised to marry her, even though it turned out that he was already married.


She used to pay his bank loans, buy him luxury cars and special number plates, buy expensive gifts like branded watches and clothes, and pay for his luxurious trips to Europe while travelling in business class.


The Abu Dhabi Police has so far been able to recover some of the gifts and the stolen money, including seven cars bought with the funds. These include two Rolls Royces, one Land Cruiser, one Nissan Patrol, one luxury sedan, one Nissan GTR, and a Lexus four-wheeler.
During the interrogation, the woman confessed her crime to embezzling the funds. She said that she wanted to show her boyfriend and other loved ones that she had money and was financially well off.


The alleged fiancé and his brother were also detained for exploiting her. They also confessed to lying to the woman and exploiting her.