Woman turned AirPods into earrings so they don’t get lost

Apple’s AirPods are already pretty expensive at $159 and are just about an inch in size and in case if you lose one of them you’ll need to pay $69 to have it replaced by Apple.

However, if you have an AirPods and don’t want to lose them, you can try what this woman did, she literally turned her AirPods into earrings and called them Airings.

A girl named Gabrielle Reilly, 22, from Virginia turned her AirPods into earrings so they wouldn’t get lost. She posted a video on Twitter showing the AirPod earrings, and the video has gone viral with over 3.4 million.

While speaking to the Buzzfeed News, she stated that “I absolutely refuse to lose them. My cat ate through two pairs of Beats Bluetooth earphones, and all my other earphones, so I got the AirPods because there was no wire for her to chew but I still needed something to connect them.”

“So I made earrings. I also have a chain necklace that I used to connect them. It took me maybe around an hour to make the earrings because I had to custom-make the piece that connects the AirPods to the earrings.”

It went viral in such a way that people on Twitter asked her to make it for them too, and now Gabrielle is selling them for $20. They are detachable so they can be charged and worn as earrings.