Woman tried selling virginity of friend’s daughter, arrested

Moscow: In a bizarre incident, a Russian woman was nabbed while trying to sell her friend’s underage daughter’s virginity to the highest bidder to finance a lavish lifestyle. Both women are believed to be sex workers. Shockingly enough, Kukanova was inspired to auction off the young girl by Irina Gladkikh, the girl’s mother.

She encouraged her friend to search for buyers online. A major deal was almost reached with a man from UAE who offered £18,000 for a night with the teen, but the deal fell through and couldn’t take place.

Later after the failure of the UAE deal, Kukanova then told her friend that she had found another buyer in Moscow. The buyer in Moscow was actually an undercover cop. It turns out that the police had spotted the attempts to sell her virginity online and had decided to intervene.

The undercover police officer met the women at a Moscow restaurant and handed over fake money before arresting them shortly thereafter. The teenage girl was taken to the hospital to be checked over before being handed over to relatives.

Alina Kukanova was found guilty and jailed for 3.5 years for trying to sell the 13-year-old girl to a wealthy Emirati for the night.