Woman throws acid on man for refusing to marry her

Multan: In Maqdoom Rasheed area near Multan city of the largest province of Punjab in Pakistan, a woman threw acid on a man who had refused to marry her. It is reported that the woman was already a married person. She has four children. She wanted to take divorce from her first husband and wanted to marry another person. She called that person under the pretext of meeting him and threw acid on his face.


Ms. Zohra Yousuf, Chairperson, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan told the newsmen that this incident is condemnable. It is a heinous crime whether it is committed against a woman or a man. It is very rare that women commit such crimes. She also said that there is a criminal law to prevent acid throwing and burning incidents. She said that Govt. of Pakistan wants to end violence and the evil practices. Some of the persons told that there is violence against men also and there is a need to raise voice against such incidents.



–Siasat News