Woman stripped off, In-laws upload Nude pics online for refusing to pay for hubby’s impotency surgery

Bengaluru: In yet another shameful incident, a married woman’s nude pictures were posted on social media by none other than her own husband and his family when she refused to pay for her husband’s impotency surgery.

The victim is a 26-year-old woman from Bengaluru who is currently living with her parents, IBT times reports.

According to reports, her social media account was hacked by her husband’s family who posted her nude photos to successfully portray her as a sex worker when she refused to pay Rs 25 lakhs for her husband’s impotency surgery.

“The wedding took place in one of the city’s costliest convention centres and my father spent more than Rs 30 lakh on the wedding day alone in the form of gifts, meals and decorations,” TOI quoted the victim says.

She added, “On the same night, I was shocked to learn that my husband was impotent. His family members had hidden the fact and ruined my life by getting me married to him. My life turned into hell. Every day, I was subjected to cruelty and mental torture.”

The victim further went on to reveal her ordeal where she was being harassed to have sexual relations with his brother and friends to which she had refused.

It was when she found her husband’s impotency medical reports she confronted her in-laws.

Her confrontation about the possible results the testicular surgery would give her husband, the in-laws brushed her off at first and asked her to have sexual relations with others.

“According to them, I was supposed to arrange at least Rs 25 lakh. I firmly refused, saying my father was already in deep debt due to the marriage and I wouldn’t ask him for anything. That day onwards, my in-laws began to treat me like a maid and my husband supported them,” the victim said.

They went on to spike her food. As soon as she fell asleep, the husband and her in-laws stripped her clothes and took her pictures and videos.

“When I was fast asleep, they stripped me, clicked pictures and made videos and uploaded them on my Facebook account which they had hacked. They wrote messages, saying I was looking for a physical relationship with other men,” the woman said in her complaint.

The case is been assessed by the city’s cyber crime cell who said they are tasked with deletion of the photos and videos from the internet.

“Our main aim is to collect evidence in the form of lewd messages and pictures and delete them,” the police said.