Woman orders chilli paneer online, found condom in it

Planning to order food online? Think twice as you can’t be so sure of what you get inside your food box!

In a Shocking incident in Jharkhand, a woman who had orderd chilli paneer online found a condom inside her food box after it was delivered to her. The box was delivered by Gravycart.com.

“As soon as I opened the box of chilli paneer, what I found was disgusting, inhuman and horrendous the packet had a condom inside,” She told report.

She called back the delivery boy and claimed her refused to take back the food, saying it was half-eaten.

Women said that, “I had just opened the packet and there is no question of eating after I saw what it contained. He was trying to act innocent and blamed me for corrupting the food.”

The restaurant owner alleged that “the condom accusation is a conspiracy and that the food was already half eaten when returned. Gravycart’s founder also said that the delivery boy was dismissed and the money has also been returned to the woman.

Sharma said that, “We don’t prepare the food or pack it; we just deliver the orders booked through our website that has 20-23 reputed restaurants on the list. We have decided to put our seal on every food packet that can’t be opened without tearing the aluminium foil.”