Woman named cleanliness ambassador after row over toilet

Bhopal: A woman in a Madhya Pradesh village was named a cleanliness ambassador by local authorities after she walked out on her in-laws because they did not build a toilet at the house.

The move to appoint Seema Patel, a resident of Chowkipura village in Betul district, as a cleanliness ambassador will spread the message of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Clean India campaign, authorities said.
Seema asked her in-laws to build a toilet at the house, but they did not to do so. Following this, she left the house.

When she did not return, her husband Mohan Patel asked the local administration to intervene. The issue was soon reported in local media, prompting district officials to rush to village on Saturday.

Officials said Seema was named a cleanliness ambassador as she had shown courage in demanding a toilet at her house. They assured her a toilet would be built at the house.