Woman murdered in West Delhi’s Raghubir Nagar(Update)

New Delhi: The Delhi Police on Monday informed that a lady and her two kids were murdered in West Delhi’s Raghubir Nagar area and said that the investigation into the case is presently underway.

“It’s a murder case of a mother and her two kids in West Delhi’s Raghubir Nagar. Prima facie, we have found the strangulation marks in the bodies. The husband of the deceased was out of station when the incident happened. Further investigations are on,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) Pushpendra Kumar told the media here.

Meanwhile, the husband of the deceased woman said that he suspects his landlord’s involvement in the murder.

“I was in Jaipur and came to know of the death of my wife and children at 6 a.m. today. The landlord may be involved in the murder. The landlord was in love with my wife and had proposed her. I have reported his name to the police,” he said. (ANI)