Woman lynched over braid chopping rumours – MASUKA demands law against mob lynching

Ranchi: In a yet another gruesome incident of mob violence, a woman in Radha Nagar, Sahibganj district, Ranchi was lynched by a stone pelting mob on August 19. ’17. The mob was instigated by baseless rumours, which suspected she was a part of a gang of hair choppers. Despite the brutal lynching of a 65-year-old Dalit lady in Agra in similar circumstances, the law does not seem to be deterring cases of mob violence across communities and geographies.

Six policemen are reported to have been injured by the mob when the forces came to the spot.

Shehzad Poonawalla lawyer

“This incident has brought to forefront the power of mob and how it can disable the very police force and state machinery.”

Tehseen Poonawalla

“MASUKA has always condemned any violence, agnostic of ethnic, economic or social variables. It is high time the highest authorities intervene, persist for a fair probe and punish the guilty.”

Once again we reiterate, the existing system is time and again displaying its inability to deal with mob violence. The significance of a bespoke law to deal with the subject, Manav Suraksha Kanoon (MASUKA) cannot be repudiated, ignored or delayed anymore.

Dr @ShashiTharoor talking to @StopMobLynching ‘s @tehseenp on #AzadiFromMobLynching & why Masuka Law is a must

We shall fight for MASUKA, for every life matters.

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