Woman looses her toe nails after this famous pedicure

Peculiar beauty treatments across the globe are sensational and widely accepted after it reaches audience watching them on social media but little do women expect these treatments like the Fish pedicure could also bring side effects.

A woman in her initial 20’s reached a dermatologist after her toenails started falling off since she got an infection called as onychomadesis. With all the other reasons ruled out, it was finally concluded that the widely practiced and famous Fish Pedicure was the cause for the infection.

‘Fish pedicure’ is a popular procedure where people simply put their feet in a fish tank and the fish eat the dead skin off the feet. These fish pedicures can transmit dangerous infections since the same fish are used on several customers.

The tanks aren’t always sanitized adequately and bacteria can be found in the water and the fish.

Though this is the first case of side effects for going for a fish pedicure, women should now be cautious to approach such procedures.