Woman lands in jail for calling ex-husband’s new wife a ‘horse’

Dubai: A British woman and her teenage daughter were arrested for some earlier comments she had made on a Facebook post by her ex-husband. While living in the UK in 2016, the woman had made two Facebook comments on her husband’s account, for which she could face up to two years in jail and a fine of £50,000 (Rs 45 lakh).

As reported by News 18, Laleh Shahravesh, 55, of Richmond, south-west London, had been married to her former husband for over 18 years. The couple, along with their daughter visited Dubai and stayed there for eight months. Later Shahravesh returned to London with their daughter, whereas her husband decided to stay back in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) and join them later. However, instead of joining them, he sent divorce papers to the woman. Soon Laleh saw posts on her husband’s Facebook account indicating that he had remarried. He also posted pictures of his new bride. Laleh reportedly commented on the post in Farsi, which read “I hope you go under the ground you idiot. Damn you.” She added, “You left me for this horse.”

Laleh and her daughter were detained in Dubai when she visited the country for her ex-husband’s funeral in March. They were arrested at Dubai airport.

As reported by BBC, Shahravesh passport had been confiscated. She was released on bail and was currently staying in a hotel.

The report observed that the Emirates have some of the strictest laws on morality and ethics in the world and the lawbreakers get severe punishments.