Woman kills husband, arrested with her paramour

HYDERABAD: On Sunday, Nacharam police arrested a woman and her paramour for allegedly killing her husband on October 10.

Veeraiah, 47, a DCM driver, was allegedly killed by his wife for objecting to her extramarital relationship. The victim is a native of Nizamabad and his wife Bhagya Sri is from Bidar.

According to the police, Jameel Ahmed, a utility bill collector found his dead body when he went to the victim’s house. When the police reached the victim’s house, they found his wife is missing. They suspected she might have had a role in the murder.

During investigation, police found that Bhagya Sri, wife of the victim was having an extra-marital affair with her colleague.
On Saturday, Bhagya Sri returned to her house to take her stuff at Mallapur and police arrested her.

On questioning, Bhagya Sri confessed that she became friend with Mukesh. Later, they got into a relationship. Veeraiah came to know about their affair and criticize Mukesh. Since Veeraiah was becoming an obstacle in their relationship, Bhagya Sri killed her husband on the advice of Mukesh, police said.