Woman kills 62-yr-old mother-in-law in Delhi

New Delhi: A 29-year-old woman was today arrested for allegedly killing her handicapped mother-in-law and then trying to burn her body in east Delhi’s Mandawli, police said.

Kanchan Kapoor allegedly hit Swarna Kapoor on her forehead with a wooden patra (board) following a heated argument last night after the 62-year-old told her daughter- in-law not to hit her son, they said.

The police were informed about the killing by the accused’s husband, Sumit Kapoor after he returned from work to find his mother’s body.

Upon visiting the house, the police found that attempts had been made to burn the woman’s body using mustard oil.

However, only the legs were charred.

Initially, the police suspected it to be the handiwork of robbers. However, the police became suspicious after questioning neighbours who told them that the two had frequent fights with each other.

Sumit also told police that his wife did not like her children interacting too much with their grandmother.

Kanchan eventually confessed to killing her mother-in-law using a ‘wooden patra’ (wooden stool) used by the latter for movement.

“To hide the incident and to divert the police investigation, Kanchan poured mustard oil kept in Swarna’s kitchen on the latter’s body and tried to set it ablaze,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (East) Omvir Singh.