Woman killed by lover at Old Delhi guest house

New Delhi: A 22-year-old woman was allegedly murdered by her suspected lover in a guest house in Jama Masjid area of Old Delhi today, police said.

A young couple had booked a room at Al Danish guest house near Jama Masjid around 1 PM. The man had submitted an ID proof as per which he was Adam, 25, a resident of Haryana.

The girl was introduced to the guest house staff as 22-year-old Shabnam, said a police officer.

Sometime after checking in, the youth left the guest house. The guest house staff knocked at the door of the room booked by the couple in the evening but no response was received.

They informed police and the door was broken. The girl was found dead with a stole tightened around her neck.

Efforts are being made to establish the identity of the girl, the police officer said, adding that the youth was on the run.