Woman killed her partner, chopped his body; held

NEW DELHI: On Friday, a woman has been arrested for killing her partner and throwing his chopped body parts in three different places including her house.

According to the details of the report published in Hindustan Times, the accused identified as Sunitha (30), who left her home in Chhatisgarh when she was only 13-year-old.

She met Rajesh, the deceased, in Delhi and living with him since that time. She also had an 8-year-old child.
The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Gaurav Sharma said the motive behind the murder was: “Sunita was fed-up of being thrashed and abused by Rajesh.”

“The murder took place on 11 February and discovered on 20 March,” he added.

Sunita is living with Rajesh in Amrit Vihar Colony of Swaroop Nagar, but the life with Rajesh became suffocating. One of his neighbours said, they are living here for 6 years, he never let her go out and meet the neighbours. We can hear only the physical violence from the house.

“Fed-up with the physical and verbal violence, she hatched a plan to murder him. On February 11, she fed two dozens of sleeping pills to Rajesh and once he fell deep asleep, she decapitates him,” said an officer.

“She buried the torso in the backyard of her house and dumped the head and limbs at isolated spots in Bhalaswa Dairy and Burari respectively,” said DCP Sharma.

In the morning of 20 March, Sunita’s landlord visited the house and found the backyard dug-up, he then asked her about it but she could not provide a satisfactory answer.

Later the owner informed the police suspecting something to be wrong. The police reached the spot by evening and started searching in the backyard.

While digging, the police found the torso in the backyard. On questioning, she confessed to the crime.