Woman kidnaps youth after betrayal

Hamirpur: Men kidnapping their lovers from marriage venues is quite commonly heard but a woman doing so is never heard of before. This woman from Hamirpur District in Uttar Pradesh kidnapped the groom at gunpoint.

Sources from the Police say the woman, a resident Banda District, and the groom Ashok Yadav worked in a private clinic. Ashok had an affair with this woman for the past few months.

Police sources said that the woman, a resident of the neighboring Banda district, worked at a private clinic. A youth Ashok Yadav, who also worked there, had been having an affair with the woman for the past several months.

When his marriage was fixed by his parents, Ajay broke his promise to marry the woman and started avoiding her. She tried meeting Ajay to know the reason for his sudden change but he would not meet her.

On knowing about the betrayal and his marriage with another girl, she decided to kidnap him.
She walked in with a pistol in her in the marriage ceremony when the groom and the bride were taking vows. She was accompanied with three other youths who carried weapons around midnight in an SUV.

On reaching ‘Mandap’ she took out her pistol and pointed it at Ajay, asking him to follow her. When the Guests present there tried to stop her she threatened them with dire consequences. She fled the scene taking Ajay in that car. Within few minutes everything was over said the sources.

Police filed a case against her and tried locating the vehicle but couldn’t find it.

“She may also force him into marrying her”, said a relative of Ashok. His family is worried for him, as reported in DeccanHerald.