Woman jumps to death after argument with husband

New Delhi: A 35-year-old woman allegedly committed suicide by jumping off her house’s balcony in southwest Delhi’s Uttam Nagar area, police said.

Her husband, however, has been booked on charges of dowry and harassment, they said.

The woman, Rekha, allegedly had an argument with her husband over his drinking and jumped off the balcony of her house on March 3 around 8.30 PM, they said.

This was Rekha’s second marriage and she had frequent arguments with her husband Amit, who is unemployed and addicted to liquor, police added.

On March 3, the couple had an argument again and Rekha threatened to jump off. Her brother was also called to intervene but the couple continued to fight, police said.

Rekha then jumped off in the middle of the argument, they added.

Since the couple had not completed seven years of marriage, an inquiry by the sub-divisional magistrate is being carried out and the husband has been booked for dowry death.