Woman holds unique protest to build toilet

Mathura: Demanding a toilet for ladies, a woman is protesting in heavy downpour by holding a placard and alleged BJP MP Hema Malini of inaction towards the need.

Asha Lavania, a resident of Chandan Van area, about four km away from Holigate, stood yesterday for two hours with a placard displaying a message, “If you are really concerned about ladies, provide a washroom for them, the minimum we want from you” in Hindi.

Lavania, a trader, has her shop near the Holi Gate area and has to travel 6 km to relieve herself.

She indirectly questioned BJP MP Hema Malini, who claims herself to be the ‘Gopi of Brijbhumi’, saying “While Gopikas of ‘Dwapara Age’ were concerned about Lord Krishna, why this Gopi is not worried about the basic need of a washroom in Holi Gate area for the women.

The unique protest is drawing attention of public representatives as well as social workers.

Holigate crossing is considered as the lifeline of Mathura and sees a heavy influx of women pilgrims.