Woman gives birth to child on mathura road

Mathura : In a case of medical apathy, a woman in Mathura’s Sonai gave birth to a child on road, after the ambulance failed to reach her.

The woman, who was seven-month pregnant, was going to the hospital on bike.

The locals helped her, when she delivered the baby on the way.

Later, both the mother and child were admitted in the local government hospital and are now safe.

Meanwhile, the hospital authority said they were going to the area, but due to the slow traffic movement, the family of the lady said they will bring her to the hospital.

“There wasn’t any case of negligence form our side. They called us, the slow traffic movement was slow in that areas. We just said that it would take time for us to reach that area. They said that they cannot wait for that long and so they are bringing her by themselves,” the hospital authority said. (ANI)